Your T-Shirt Survival Guide

T-Shirt TLC: How to Keep Your Graphic Tee Looking Fly, Not Fry!

Congrats on snagging this epic screen-printed masterpiece! To keep it looking fresh for seasons to come, heed these wise words (and avoid wardrobe malfunctions):


  • Turn that bad boy inside out: Think of it like putting your superhero suit incognito. Evil laundry gremlins fear the inside!
  • Cold showers only: Hot water makes your shirt shrink faster than your patience in line at the DMV. Cold water is your friend (and keeps the colors poppin').
  • Ditch the chemical warfare: Harsh detergents and bleach are like kryptonite to your t-shirt. Stick to gentle laundry soap – your skin will thank you too (organic cotton is a huggable friend, remember?).
  • Stain assassins? Welcome! Got a rogue ketchup stain? Pre-treat it with a stain fighter before washing. But go easy, nobody wants a wrestling match with the print.


  • Air dry, like a majestic bird: Skip the fiery wrath of the dryer. Hang your t-shirt like a majestic bird spreading its wings (or use a hanger, whatever works). Bonus points for shade drying – sunlight fades colors faster than you can remember what you wore last night after one margarita too many.
  • Dryer on low, if you must: Listen, we get it, sometimes air drying isn't an option. If you must use the dryer, stick to the low heat setting and take it out ASAP. Wrinkles? Embrace the lived-in look, my friend.

Ironing (optional, for the fancy folks):

  • Iron inside out, with a shield: Low heat only, people! And for extra protection, put a thin cloth between the iron and the print. You wouldn't iron your face directly, would you?

General Care:

  • Save the heroics for another day: Avoid wearing your awesome tee for extreme sports or activities that involve excessive sweating or friction. Think walks in the park, not parkour.
  • Store it like a treasure: Fold or hang your t-shirt neatly in a cool, dry place. Direct sunlight? More like direct snoozefest for your vibrant design.

Follow these tips, and your t-shirt will be the envy of the laundry line for years to come! Remember, with a little TLC, your graphic tee will stay fly, not fry. Now go out there and conquer the world, one awesome shirt at a time! Attitude is everything!